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Should I Buy A New Or Refurbished Laptop? – Answered

A very common question I get asked is, “Should I buy a new or a refurbished laptop”?

Before we get into too many details, let’s look at a few of the Pros and Cons of buying a refurbished laptop.


  • Cheaper
  • More Value For Money


  • Older
  • Less Warranty

The truth of the matter is that if you’re looking into buying a refurbished laptop it’s because of budget, you either don’t have the money or you don’t want to spend the money on a new laptop.

This doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor quality laptop, in fact by going for a refurbished laptop instead of buying a new cheap laptop you’re going to get a lot more value for your money.

Consider what a new £200 laptop is like. They’re OK, but they’re going to be slow and at the most it’s going to have a slow Intel Celeron CPU, or worse!

Instead you could spend £200 on a refurbished core i5 laptop that’s going to be really quick. So just because your budget is low, doesn’t mean you have to settle for a laptop that’s slow or has poor build quality, in fact quite the opposite is true.

Also take into consideration that you can get an extremely fast SSD Hard Drive for under £50 which will make your laptop as fast as anything you’re going to buy new for under £500.

A general rule of thumb is that if you don’t want to spend £400 + on a new laptop, (that’s really what you have to spend to get anything decent) then have a look at refurbished.


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