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A Review Of The Video Game Called Rust

It’s Saturday evening, work is done for the day and I’m logged into Rust.  I’m playing solo and have an 8 * 8 base built on a vanilla server with about 30 other people running around.

It’s a week before the wipe and I’m waiting patiently for people to come and raid the base. That’s how I currently enjoy playing, sad I know, but it wasn’t always like this. I used to love going out and raiding other peoples bases.

In the last few years I’ve played Rust off and on, always coming back to it almost every wipe to see what’s happening.

Before I go any further, let me try and explain what Rust is.

Rust is a first person survival, base building, PVP, PVE, crafting game.

You run around an island populated with other players doing pretty much the same thing as you’re doing, trying to survive without getting killed.

There are bears, wolves, boars and chickens that you can hunt, kill and eat, and use their leather and cloth to make clothes.

When you start off you have nothing. You spawn on the beach and start running inland.

Your character is equipped with a rock that you can use to hit trees, rocks, animals and other players.

You can hit the trees for wood and the stones to get stones, sulphur and metal fragments, and also high quality metal.

Upgrading to a pick axe

All of these items can be used for crafting pickaxes, furnaces, bows and arrows, guns and ammo.

To start off with, you make an axe, a pick axe and you chop down a few trees, hit a few stones and kill a couple of animals and start building a small base.

At the same time as you’re trying to get your base started, there are animals trying to kill you and other players that are also trying to kill you.

Once you get a small base up and going, you can start building it bigger and putting in some defences like shotgun turrets and auto turrets that help protect your base when you log off.

Apart from farming for wood and stone, there is also rad towns that you can visit to pick up more loot. You can recycle this loot or use it to make doors, ladder hatches and guns.

My base in the snow


I personally prefer building my base in the snow. Not only is it easier to hear other players footsteps, but the cold works against them. They will be outside trying to raid you in the freezing cold and you can be inside your base, all warm and toasty.

Overall Rust is a really good game, but be warned, it’s extremely difficult to get started and you will probably lose everything you build and collect at some stage, but learn from your mistakes and build a better base next time.

Hardware Required

I recommend you have at least a 5th Generation Intel Core i3 with 8GB RAM, an SSD Hard Drive and a good video card such as an Nvidia 1050.

Here’s some recommended Gaming PCs that would suit.

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